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This is why you should read this book. It will change your child's life! I made it short, because you all lead busy lives and really need to just get to the point of how to help your child. So, the language in my book is very simple, so that when you share it with your children, they will easily understand it. All the metaphysical books I have read over the past forty years were all written with adults in mind. This book is purposely written for children. It will also help adults, but it was written with children in mind. I am also giving you some ideas in my introduction that are really important to me that I want you to have. The purpose of this book is to teach parents how to help their children be successful and actually be happy and enjoy their school experience. Even though this book was written nineteen years ago, the content and truths are still the same. Truth teachings never change!

I feel that it is time to share it with people now, because when I wrote it in 1990, people were not open to the thoughts that my book is based on. I have been waiting until now to publish it, because our society is finally ready to hear what I have to say. After the Secret came out, I realize that people were ready to listen. I remember years ago, when one of their authors, Joe Vitale, visited Carmel Temple. I have been in metaphysics for forty years and have taught school for thirty. I feel like I can help you integrate the metaphysical teachings into your child's “school reality”. You may want to visit to see my biography, from when I was a guest speaker. The founders of Carmel Temple, Richard and Charlotte Sigler inspired me to write this book. I have known them since I was three years old and I am grateful for all the love and guidance they have given me throughout my life. I feel that I need to give back some of the knowledge that I have learned over the years.

This book will teach you how to get your child to feel like he or she is in charge of their life and their destiny. I believe that we create our own reality with our thoughts. This begins with us. We can not control what is said to our children, but it is our responsibility to teach them how to receive anything that is given to them. We must teach our children to love themselves, to love God, and to love each other. By teaching them to go within to where there is an inner peace, they will learn how to relax and live day by day in a positive manner. HAPPINESS IS FOUND WHEN A PERSON FINDS PEACE WITHIN. They will want to improve their way of thinking, once they notice how peaceful they feel by meditating. If enough people in this world would think positive, it would raise the consciousness of the entire planet. Every mind contributes to this effort. Once a year, there is a world peace meditation that is done by millions of people. Imagine how wonderful it would be, if everyone did that every day for just five minutes. I intend to teach you how.